🦍 06/13 [Tech Talk] Kong Developer Day: AI + APIs

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In this era of generative AI and large language models (LLMs), organizations must establish robust practices for leveraging AI capabilities responsibly and at scale. The AI Gateway pattern has emerged as a critical solution.

AI is inherently driven by APIs, accelerating API traffic growth. But securely adopting AI across an organization requires addressing cross-cutting concerns like data security, AI governance, multi-model integration, and cost optimization.

Whether you’re a developer looking to build multi-AI applications faster, a platform team enabling self-service AI capabilities, or a data scientist needing robust AI workflows - this is a must-attend session to future-proof your AI strategy. Unlock the transformative power of generative AI while ensuring governance and responsible adoption.


9:00am - What is an AI Gateway? (Marco Palladino, CTO, Kong)

10:00am - Down the AI Rabbit Hole (Shane Utt, Staff Software Engineer, Kong)

10:30am - AI Gateway Demo (Jack Tysoe, Field Engineer, Kong)

11:00am - Q&A