🦍 02/08 [Tech Talk] Getting Started with TargetRef Policies on Kong Mesh

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Kong Mesh is an enterprise-grade service mesh built on top of Kuma, an open-source CNCF project. Kong Mesh provides traffic control, observability, and security for complex microservices architectures.

Ease of use and flexibility is paramount for the adoption of a service Mesh.
To achieve this Kuma has been adopting a new policy format that is enabled by default in 2.6.

In this Tech Talk we will demo how easy it is to migrate from a single zone cluster to a multi-zone setup using our SaaS Konnect with 0 downtime, thus enabling users to start small and grow their deployments.

Once this migration is complete we will use our new policies to demonstrate how to empower developers while enforcing strong defaults to answer the multiple needs of organizations.

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