Zipkin Plugin - unknown-service-name

I´ve instaled the zipkin plugin and on jaeger appear unknown-service-name

Any Idea?

Version of Kong? Version of zipkin plugin? Current zipkin config settings?

Kong : “version”:“1.0.2”
zipkin Plugin: built in “version”:“1.0.2”

Plugin Settings: Global
“created_at”: 1548693633,
“consumer”: null,
“id”: “e282c1cb-d981-44b0-92e9-1c3ec90ef009”,
“service”: null,
“name”: “zipkin”,
“run_on”: “all”,
“enabled”: true,
“route”: null,
“config”: {
“sample_ratio”: 1,
“http_endpoint”: “http://jaeger-collector:9411/api/v2/spans

Any idea? still unable to found this issue

Its actually documented here: ,

We have a fix for it internally at Optum(where I work) to populate it with a static value from plugin conf at the ROOT span( kong.request, idk what to call it, the first one lol) and to populate all other spans with the service name as well as the kong.proxy(how it does now). Maybe Kong would be okay with that as a PR, idk. @James_Callahan could speak more to why it behaves like that currently, I think its because if Kong is not the first “hop” doing zipkin its better that way? Not sure.

Do you know if there’s already a pull request with this?

Nothing we have released on my side, we do intend to make a PR next few weeks though.

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Hi again,

Can you share the fix, please?

@flowdopip , hey sorry I took awhile on throwing a PR out there, but such is busy company life. I got it into our sprint planning this week and gave a quick PR to Kong that can fix this:

Just a simple config value that will let you override current behavior of the unknown-service-name in certain spans/nginx phases.


Thanks a lot for sharing