Vault not working on Konnect

Hello, I’m very new to Kong and trying to figure how to use Vault. I have set up a Vault using AWS Secrets as a backend.

I’m trying to access it in Transformer plugin like below:


I have also exported the below environment variables in runtime instance:

export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=<access_key_id>
export AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=<secrets_access_key>

But it’s not retrieving the value from AWS secrets manager, instead it’s sending this as it is to upstream.


Can anyone let me know why it’s not working or I’m a configuring it wrong?

From scanning the docs Request Transformer Advanced references secrets but Request Transformer doesn’t reference secrets. Perhaps double-check which one is currently implemented.

Hi, where did you see the fact that one plugin supports vaults and the other one doesn’t? I can’t figure that out by looking at the docs.

Hi, looks like we just went through a document refresh. Another page that shows referenceable plugin fields is, unfortunately, there looks like a bug in the docs so not currently listed. I’ve raised an issue to get this looked at