Use uploaded cert for all services/routes?

Is there a way to use the uploaded cert for all the services/routes?

I know we are able to upload a cert pair with kong:8001/certificates endpoint the apply it on a specific service/route, but how can we apply it to all the services/routes? I am thinking to iterate all the services and routes to get id the apply it individually but there should be a better way.
Enabling ssl plugin sounds like a better approach but ssl plugin was removed from KONG 13, any better approach?
Thanks in advance!

Hmm, idk of a way to apply globally out of the box, maybe see what nginx directives you can use and then just make a custom kong template and don’t even use the sni/certs admin api stuff. I do not know the nginx directives to use off the top of my head for that but can go through them here:

One of the proxy module directives perhaps?