Upgrade to v11, two kong servers master-master replicated


we want to upgrade to v11, currently we have two v8 nodes, which are replicating their backend postgress DBs via bucardo

can you pls tell us how to upgrade this configuration without downtime and without braking replication?

thank you, much appreciated,

Kong upgrades are documented here https://github.com/Kong/kong/blob/master/UPGRADE.md

sure, but as far as I can tell it doesn’t mention replication between two nodes
thanks anyway

Normally the suggested approach for high availability is a blue/green deployment to a separate and isolated 0.11 cluster before pull the LB switch over, you can run migrations on a existing copy of DB before hand and validate the installation of course, just make sure not to add/modify/delete Kong entities during this process and you should be fine.
As @Cooper pointed out is a must to review that document to address any breaking changes between versions.

I don’t have specific recommendations about Bucardo though.