Unexpected behavior while authenticating API

I was following along Kong’s API Authentication post. I am however using FastAPI.
Everything goes fine till Step 4 of the post, i.e. while creating the customer ID and generating the API key.
At the last step, while I tried to access the API using the x-api-key header in the body, and making a GET request to my service, I am not getting back the correct reponse. Instead I am getting the Kong’s default response, like this:

Can you please help me identify where I am making a mistake?


The response looks like what I would expect from the admin API, not the proxy.
Do you route the admin API through the proxy? Or perhaps change the listen ports?

8000/8443 default for proxy
8001/8444 default for Admin API

I would add the header “kong-debug:1” to the request, this will return response headers showing what service/route are being used.

Kong-Route-Id: cc37f32f-0f44-4874-b085-a985a4ed86c4
Kong-Route-Name: echoRoute
Kong-Service-Id: 9b6aef90-d4f7-4632-99b1-3f9066d2315e
Kong-Service-Name: Echo

or, if being used against the Admin API you may see this instead:

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