[UI suggestion] The Menu and Sub Menu

I think there is something problem with the design of your navigation menu

The main menu is expanded on mouse hover, this is a bad design, it is hard for user to focus, a toggle button should be added for menu expansion. The edges of the menu are also not good, the switch from normal divider to shadow is very stiff.

The submenu is obscured by the expanded main menu, so even if I switch entries, I can’t see the updated submenu, and the attention point is switched frequently at high speed, and I can’t capture useful information, so I get annoyed. The submenu should be on the right side of the main menu, and always displayed. You can keep a large white space to ensure that the width of the expanded main menu plus the submenu is fixed, and that the text is displayed in full.

Also, there should be a clear line separating the navigation from the text, not the main menu and the submenu.

Three tabs shows “(1)New Message” when I browsing Kong products, where is the product name?

The request demo button on the home page has a changeable color, bad idea. I couldn’t find the button for a moment.

I’m also looking for a job, would you be interested in hiring me?