Synchronization sometimes takes too long

This may be a shot in the dark as I don’t have anything to back up my findings

We’re sometimes seeing very long synchronization times in the ingress-controller logs. (Between two subsequent level=info msg="syncing configuration" component=controller and level=info msg="no configuration change, skipping sync to kong" component=controller messages)

The issue then causes kong to miss pod IP changes, so when a pod gets deleted and recreated, kong routes traffic to the old IP until synchronization has finished. The routing to old dead IPs seemed to stop after 1,5-3 minutes, so it seemed that Kong took 1,5-3 minutes to sync.

After digging around in the kong-ingress-controller source I found that synchronization is enqued every second (kubernetes-ingress-controller/controller.go at d8f58ead71664b042c854c1a3e429fe95f17eb24 · Kong/kubernetes-ingress-controller · GitHub), so this should be ok? What else could cause these long synchronization times?

As a short term mitigation, we applied the true annotation to our services, but that seem not to resolve the underlying issue.

With KIC 2.0 the mechanism for background synchronization triggers have changed, so this issue could potentially not be an issue any further. I would recommend putting in an issue for it in Github so that it can be tracked, and tested against the upcoming v2 release.

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