Strip some part of URI


Currently i am trying to achieve as follow:

upstream_url: api
StripURI: off
upstream request is as below:

But my upstream service cannot accept xyz parameter. so i want to some remove that before calling upstream api.
Also removing xyz from uri is also not possible because its a requirement from the clients.
I tried various plugin but couldn’t find any that support this. Any help would be appreciated.
Also if this cannot be done as of now with any available plugins. It would be nice if you can reply that also

@prasad-marne I don’t think it’s currently possible with Kong. I’ve requested this feature, please vote/like it so we get Kong’s attention :wink: Strip part of URI

@prasad-marne Had the same issue, since Kong does not natively support this, I described the workaround I used here: Strip part of URI - #10 by rsemlal.tas