[SOLVED]How to use `lua-resty-nettle` lib in kong plugin?

I want use des func of lua-resty-nettle, but kong start up failed with local des = require "resty.nettle.des" . :joy:

You need to install lua-resty-nettle:
e.g. luarocks install lua-resty-nettle

And you need to install nettle system lib:
e.g. brew install nettle

(if doing manually, you will also need gmp for bignum functions, e g. rsa).

Thank you very much! But I only want decrypt my token by des method in kong plugin. we can’t install nettle in our system. Is there any way can directly used?

Can you install libnettle.so anywhere? If so you can specify where it is searched:
_NETTLE_LIB_PATH = "/usr/local/kong/lib/"