Scrip to connect Kong Gateway to Kong Konnect not working


On Kong Konnect, when I click on " Create a new runtime instance", there is a button to generate a script to connect Kong Konnect to Kong Gateway on Docker. I have Kong Gateway working on Docker already (I followed this tutorial: Install Kong Gateway on Docker )

When I run the script I get this error: /bin/bash: /dev/fd/63: No such file or directory

I want to connect my Kong Gateway to Kong Konnect. Can I get some help please?

Hi Yacy -

Sorry you’re running into that error! If you already have docker installed locally, you can follow the Konnect “custom setup” for docker: Set up a Kong Gateway Runtime with Docker | Kong Docs. That’ll walk you through the specific docker run command that’s used behind the scenes by the quickstart docker script.


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Hello Ross,

Thank you very much, it worked.