Roll Back in KONG

Hi Team,

Could you please help us with the rollback procedure in KONG.
Suppose we have created new services in production environment and due to that some existing services stopped working . In this case how we can roll back to the previous configuration excluding the new changes.

There is no such rollback functionality in the community edition of Kong afaik. Decent idea though, maybe a separate table in the db of routes/services and other common Kong resources that takes the prior latest config and keeps it in the back pocket and then new admin api logic to call upon such stored configs in the event of emergency where rollback is a requirement. Could even make it configurable to store multiple historical entries to roll back __ iterations set as like a global kong config option. Rather than telling you to cross your fingers and hope you remember the prior config values why not take daily backups of your Kong db? Later you can reflect upon that if you ever need to revert values back to what they may have been in the past a few days earlier.