Proxy-Cache unexpected behavior with wildcards in path

I’m working on adding the proxy-cache plugin to routes, and am seeing some unexpected behavior:

a route with a path like this caches fine (with the api_key param explicitly not included)

a route with a path like this caches fine (with date included as a param, api_key explicitly not included):

a route like this shows the cache plugin as active when I check routes/routeid/plugins, but returns no cache headers when called (not a Bypass, just no cache headers at all)

Is there an issue with caching routes that include non-terminal wildcards, and if so, are there any workarounds? I’ve tried including ‘hyphenation’ in the params config, but that doesn’t make a difference (still no cache headers in response).

Any suggestions gratefully received!


Hi Erin,

There’s no limitation in defining proxy-cache plugins on routes with regex path definitions. It would be helpful to see the exact definitions of the Route objects in question to better ascertain exactly what’s going on.

Thanks! here’s the route object:

  "created_at": 1537567934,
  "strip_path": false,
  "hosts": null,
  "preserve_host": false,
  "regex_priority": 0,
  "updated_at": 1537567934,
  "paths": [
  "service": {
    "id": "4bf72854-dd37-439b-aa06-16ea67bc17be"
  "methods": [
  "protocols": [
  "id": "5037ac15-f5ee-4f48-883f-fdec3cc7e5ff"

Hi, just pinging on this!