PR #3339 breaks existing clients when upgrading to 0.13.1

Before Kong 0.13.1, Kong calculated signatures using request-line that did not include the query string. This Pull Request released in 0.13.1 significantly changes the signature calculation to include the query string which breaks existing clients. What is the recommended approach to upgrade to Kong 0.13.1 without breaking existing clients? There doesn’t appear to be a way to configure Kong allow both signing algorithms for an appropriate transition period.

I’m in the process of upgrading our clusters to 0.13.1 but this is a major breaking change which breaks all existing clients so we’re basically stuck on Kong 0.13.0 or below because the older Kong versions don’t support the new algorithm and Kong 0.13.1+ doesn’t support the old algorithm. “Cutting-over” the new signing algorithm is basically impossible to coordinate with all existing clients simultaneously without significant amounts of downtime.

Please help

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