Penlight deprecation warnings on 'pl.xml'

I have a few plugins dealing with XML data. So, back then when they were written (kong 0.13 I beleive) I used the pl.xml module.

Now, while upgrading to kong 3.0.0, I get the following warning:

kong-gateway_1 | 2022/09/29 17:28:55 [warn] 1#0: [kong] [C]:-1 [Penlight 1.13.1] the contents of module 'pl.xml' has been deprecated, please use a more specialized library instead (deprecated after 1.11.0, scheduled for removal in 2.0.0)

Anybody knows what other more specialized library is available in kong? For now I’m not changing anything, but I’m afraid kong updates to Penlight 2.0.0 some day and my plugins would just break.