On db_cache_warmup_entities and caching in kong

Few queries on db_cache_warmup_entities

  1. Does this happen async i.e kong would keep warming up entities without blocking and continue accepting requests?
  2. Is there a flag that is exposed to know the current state of warming up, for eg, if it’s completed or not.
  3. What happens to entities that are created (through PUT or POST) after the cache has been warmed up? Would they too be cached upon create? i.e is the cache write-through or write-around?
  4. If db_cache_warmup_entities is not enabled for a certain entity, are they cached on create or only on read requests to them?
  5. A side question, what is cluster_events, and what is it used for? I see kong reporting cluster_events cache to be 100% full almost all the time.