Occasional 401 from key auth plugin

Hi Team,
We are facing a weird issue, where data nodes are responding back with 401s. This does not happen always. May be a handful of request in between.
This typically indicates kong was not able to find apikey in both database as well as local cache.

We also have our application, which adds configuration on a regular basis via control node. The changes are like add a service & consumer to that service.
I think its going to this line here: kong/handler.lua at 19f4fe64c7278ce57696f3600b204744d07b5a5d · Kong/kong · GitHub

Not sure why this happens. I think in this case both err & credential are nil for a very small duration of time, and hence it throws the 401. And it recovers automatically within few seconds.
Any idea what’s happening here?
Thank you

Kong version being used is 2.3.0

Hi All,
Could someone help with this particular issue.
Many Thanks