Must my Cassandra database be dedicated only for Kong?

In my platform I am using Cassandra as database (3 nodes) But It’s not clear in Kong documentation if it implies any problem if we host the KONG keyspace in the same Cassandra data base. I have the idea that it will increase a lot the database workload so could it add any problem to my platform configuration adding Kong keyspace to my Cassandra DB? or Is a best practice to use one database dedicate only for Kong ?

Hi, and welcome!

This is up to you, Kong will work fine within the context of a single keyspace. Database traffic will vary a lot depending on your configuration and traffic patterns (community vs enterprise edition with Vitals enabled, database-writes-heavy plugins, etc…). Note that Kong contains a database cache that considerably reduces DB traffic (unless you use some of the features previously mentioned, which bypass the cache/perform writes).

Hope that helps,