Memory leak when upstream url is from outside network

I am facing a possible memory leak issue when running kong as docker container and proxying a service which is called over the internet/from outside network. The API/service simply returns a small json data ,I am calling this service almost at the rate of 500 TPS for my load test and fetching the memory/cpu footprints of kong gateway during load time. It could be possible that there is some throttling on its server side causing high failure rates and causing the service to return 404s. I also created a similar service and hosted it in my internal network and ran similar test via kong proxy and it did not cause much memory increase or leak thereby.

My question is that Is there any co-relation to increase in memory footprint and external service being invoked by the kong gateway? If yes , what could be possible reason , the failures or something else ?

I also ran the service with lesser load ( to avoid any sort of throttling failure on the API side ) but I still observed increase in memory even in this scenario.


Some more information will help us assist you better here:

  1. Which version of Kong are you using?
  2. Are there any plugins configured on this proxy?
  3. Are you using Consumers and credentials on the proxy? These are cached in-memory in Kong, which takes up a little bit of memory.
  4. How long have you run this test for? And, how much is the increase in the memory? A graph showing the increase will help. Having some numbers and timestamps could also help.
  5. Do you see any error logs in Kong?