Looking for a suitable solution

Hey all!

Our project is undergoing a refactor to a micro-services architecture, and we are currently considering different API gateway solutions, so I come here seeking consultation.

Below are outlined the different properties and requirements of the project, I’d appreciate it if any of you can point out some pros and cons of the solution in regard to them, and it would be great if someone facing similar requirements could share their experience with integrating it.

General Info

  • The project is of medium scale, has an active user base, and sees daily use around the clock with an incoming traffic count of a few thousand per minute on the backend.
  • The project is hosted in a private network, and no cloud services are utilized, so we are looking for a good on-prem solution.
  • Looking for a rather lightweight solution.

Technical Info and Requirements

  • AD FS-based authentication.
  • Significant reliance on JWT.
  • Kubernetes deployment, supported by Helm.
  • Full-stack under Monorepo.
  • Repository and CI/CD are hosted and managed on GitLab.
  • The team is trained in several coding languages but prefers working mainly with Typescript as we use React for the front-end, and NestJS for the back-end.

Thank you!

@Onlu - Based on MY experience, if you are planning something in private cloud (on-premises), I would suggest picking Kong as it supports a variety of ways to run - K8s, Bare-metal or VM.

Also you can design your deployment as Hybrid Mode (Control/Data Plane) so that in future if you want to move to cloud or extend your gateway to cloud its faster to spin up just data planes where needed.

Based on your requirements, I see plugins are available in Kong that cater to your security and possible to extend (custom plugins) based on your specific needs.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you, John, I will take that into consideration.