Kong public status endpoint

Currently there is no public endpoint to query the status of the kong instance itself. with the recent blog post
https://konghq.com/blog/separating-data-control-planes/ it’s good that there is a push between making these separate, however, with no public status endpoint I can not do a health-check from an external load balancer to the kong instance itself. I can check stuff behind kong but not kong itself (if there are no downstream endpoints). Currently myself and many others have an API route for http://localhost:8001/status to pass it through to the public side to provide a load balancer status endpoint. Having a public status endpoint would allow for the ability to turn off the control endpoint and still check the status of the kong instance.

create an api/service, and configure the request-termination plugin on it. You can specifiy the response it should give. See https://getkong.org/plugins/request-termination


Why have I not thought of this! Brilliant :smiley: . I had a proxy constantly pinging the admin /status endpoint constantly which I knew calls nginx stub_status, and is not a terrible thing but still now I can just use that plugin to return 200 success and save a little on the processing and let nginx relax a bit. Awesome idea!