Kong mixing the Services post there restart when sameIP and Port got reallocated

Hi Team,
There seem to be an issue with kong, how to work on this kind of scenario, is it a bug?

Problem: We have 2 services, ServiceA and ServiceB both are deployed in AWS ECS Container. And both of them have /status as there healthcheck point.
So Lets assume
ServiceA Deployed on IP-1:PortA
ServiceB Deployed on IP-1:PortB

both of them are successfully registered to kong gateway.

Now suppose ServiceA and ServiceB got restarted multiple times being in same ECS cluster Now serviceB got respaned With IP-1:PortA as that was free port and got reused.

Supposing the serviceB die abrubtly and dont have any gracefull termination policy.

Now when we access
kong.apigwatey.internal.com/serviceA → This traffic is served by both A and B service.

Reason being that Targets are not cleaned by kong and they are actively checked constantly if they turn healthy.

How to deal in this kind of scenario.

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