Kong_ingress_controller 报错提示:inserting target into state

数据库使用Cassandra,通过ingress配置,日志中提示inserting target into state,想问下是什么原因?
kong: 2.0 kong-ingress-controller:0.9.1

Hello, are you able to pose your question in English? It’ll allow a larger segment of our team to respond effectively.

If I understand your question correctly after running it through machine translation: the controller watches Service updates from the K8S API server to track when Pods handling it come online and go offline, and adds and removes targets accordingly, so as to only send traffic to live Pods.

Please also note that Cassandra support for controller-backed instances are deprecated as of 0.9. We recommend migrating to DB-less or Postgres at your earliest convenience. That shouldn’t cause issues here, though I’m not sure I understood the question fully.

Whether kong-ingress-control 0.8.1 supports Cassandra ?Thanks

It does. 0.9 does as well–it’s deprecated, so we haven’t dropped support yet, but support will formally be removed in a later release.

In practice Cassandra will likely still work even after the controller retracts formal support, as it’s supported by the underlying Kong code still. However, if we encounter controller-specific bugs with Cassandra after support ends, we won’t work to fix them, hence why we recommend migrating to another database at your earliest convenience.

Do let us know if you have any questions about that: the way the controller works means that you shouldn’t have to do anything to migrate configuration (since the controller will re-create it), so it should just be a matter of switching the database mode and connection parameters.