Kong 2.4 Bootstrap Error with Multi-site Cassandra Config

Greetings All,

I am having a hard time configuring Kong x Cassandra across two data centers. When I configure a single DC with 2 nodes each, Kong has no issue binding to the database. However, as soon as I apply the values.yaml with:

cassandra_data_centers: "dc1:2,dc2:2"

I’m met with the “Already bootstrapped” log in the init migration pod.

My process is as such:

  1. Deploy Cassandra in DC(Namespace)1
  2. Deploy Cassandra in DC(Namespace)2
  3. Deploy Kong

If I exclude ‘cassandra_data_centers:’ or only specify one DC i.e. ‘cassandra_data_centers: “dc1:2”’ Kong binds successfully.

Here is my Kong-Cassandra config exert:

database: “cassandra”
cassandra_contact_points: “cassandra.{Namespace1}.svc.cluster.local,
cassandra_port: 9042
cassandra_username: “cassandra”
cassandra_password: “{password}”
cassandra_repl_strategy: “NetworkTopologyStrategy”
cassandra_data_centers: “dc1:2,dc2:2”
log_level: notice

Hope someone has ran into something similar and can help light the way.

@thibaultcha Have you come across this scenario before?

Please advise,

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