How to route just root of a domain


I have 2 apps. first is my SPA app built with react. it cover all
and I have a landing pages app include some static html. how to route just base landing to a specific html page on landing app and rest of other urls to SPA app ?

@saeedmsdi Hi,

I think you should have a read at the documentation, specifically the Proxy Reference, which details how to setup Routes and matching rules for incoming HTTP requests (such as Host names, paths, regex paths, HTTP methods, etc…).

Hi @thibaultcha

I’m using regex for managing this but all the routes failed :

^(ramezan)$|^$ this is pass null and ramezan.
^(?!\s*$).+ this is pass all things except null.

but now Kong refuse all requests and respond 404

Could you share an example of such a request that fails? Along with the response of course, and including headers (i.e. with the -v option if you are using curl).