How to re-initiate kong plugin flow?

How re-initiate kong plugin flow?
I want to recall again access(config) method after processing header_filter(config) method.

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It is not possible to rollback to previous plugin stages, because these correspond to NGINX/OpenResty phases. The access stage performs the resolution of Kong’s load balancer; the header_filter stage processes headers, which are then sent. You can’t go back and re-run access (which would possibly choose a different IP destination for the request!) after headers have already been sent to the IP:port that was chosen by the access stage the first time around. You probably need to rethink your logic and solve your problem in a different way – what is it that you are trying to achieve?

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This is the use case.


A solution I could see would be to return a 302/Redirect to the original API. But what if the original request was something other method then GET? Also, headers and other context would be lost.