How to find source of pcre_exec() error?

We’re seeing error messages of the type [error] 52#0: *219535877 [lua] router.lua:34: log(): [router] could not evaluate URI regex: pcre_exec() failed: -8

From the manual this looks like a runaway match problem, but I’m having trouble figuring out which route is causing it. Any way to get closer?

A typical query that is failing is /v4/word.json/lutte%20socio-politique%20entre%20les%20parti-politique%20haitien%20du%20xixe%20siecle%20pdf/definitions but the only regex query that is specific to /definitions is .*/definitions which has no subgroups. Could it be matching before the /definitions path?


Regexes will be matched based on their priority as defined on the Route object; probably worth auditing all of the Route definitions that have regexs as paths and seeing what’s up. Feel free to paste them here if you like :slight_smile: