How to annotate svc with 2 overrides

for example i have requirement to expose 2 URLs from one backend service
gateway/test1 → backend/v1/
gateway/test2 → backend/v2/

so I create 2 ingress and 2 kongingress, set annotation on each ingress
ingress1 /test1 → kongingress1 proxy /v1/
ingress2 /test2 → kongingress2 proxy /v2/

Then for one backend svc, how to annotate with the two kongingress?

In general, you can only apply a single override annotation to a Service. The issue here isn’t so much that though, but rather that there’s no mechanism to provide a different root path for a single Kong service. You’d need a separate Service resource with different path settings for each of these.

Note that many settings no longer need a KongIngress and can instead be handled via dedicated annotations on an Ingress or Service resource: this particular setting can be handled with a annotation on the Services.