Helm with bless config, no ingress controller, and a templated config

I’m trying to use the official kong helm chart, and use that instead of a modified version. Much of what I want to do is possible, but there are some things that don’t seem currently possible. One issue I came across was that the deployment annotations don’t work if you specify a custom configMap, instead of the config as yaml. Additionally, it seems like you can’t use a dynamically generated ConfigMap name - helm’s fault, but some templates do allow certain values to be templated themselves, and the config map name and deployment annotations would be great if they were like that.

My overall goal is to deploy several services with a helm, such that there is a kong proxy in front of them, and a different ingress (which I don’t control) is infant of that. I’d like my helm chart to generate the proper values for kong - mostly in the dbless config. Right now I’m generating a ConfigMap through a template, but I’m having issues with passing some dynamic values to the helm chart. One issue because of this is that a change to the dales config does not cause the kong deployment to update and restart pods, because the config hash annotations are static.

So a couple questions: are there known workarounds here, and if I make improvements by modifying the official chart, can I contribute them back (and is it something that would be valued by you guys)? I’d like to know if I’m missing any ways to pass dynamic values to kong through helm, and if not, how can I help solve this problem for other people as well (if possible).