Helm install Kong creating postgresql container and services in DB less mode

Helm is creating postgresql-0 container, postgresql and postgresql-headless services even in DB less mode. Below is my command.

helm install stable/kong --set ingressController.enabled=true --set postgresql.enabled=false --set env.database=off

When I use Yaml file it is not creating these components but with helm it is. Please let me know if I am missing something.

Please update your Helm chart:

helm repo update

Thanks for your response.
I did. Still it creates postgress service and pods.
Below is my helm version.
version.BuildInfo{Version:“v3.0.0-alpha.2”, GitCommit:“97e7461e41455e58d89b4d7d192fed5352001d44”, GitTreeState:“clean”, GoVersion:“go1.12.7”}

You don’t need to upgrade helm. You need to upgrade the chart for Kong. Please read my comment above again.

I updated helm chart and below is my chart version.




It was still creating postgresql services so I provided helm version.

Please simply use helm install stable/kong. Also make sure that Helm’s cache has the correct chart version. Please clean up any previous Kong installations in your cluster before doing this.

I removed .helm cache manually and updated repo. I also created new cluster with simple command helm install stable/kong --generate-name and I still see services created for postgres.
Uploaded screenshot for the same.

That’s weird.
Let’s do the following:
Remove the existing deployments and then:

helm repo add kong https://charts.konghq.com
helm repo update
helm install kong/kong

Sorry for late reply. I was on vacation.
I followed your steps and I still see the same result. Below is the screenshot.

Check the /charts folder is empty, Helm will install a subchart if one is found inside that folder even when not specified in the requirements.yaml or Chart.yaml

I don’t see a Chart folder in .helm