Git adjustment in "next" branch

Hello Kong community,

This is a heads-up that we needed to perform a maintenance fix on Kong’s next branch: we did a force-push to it, to resync its history with that of the master branch.

This means that if you have a checkout of next in a local copy of the Kong git repository, you need to hard-reset it to the latest in Kong’s upstream repo. This should do the trick:

git fetch --all
git checkout next
git reset --hard origin/next

If all went well, when you run git log, the commit named “chore(deps) update luacheck from 0.20.0 to 0.23.0 (dev dependency)” should have the following SHA: 1aa9bc78ba94880fd13cb792c2884aa2952f0759

If you have any PRs that are open against next, you will need to rebase them as well. For example, if you PR branch is called feat/my-pr, you can then do this:

git checkout feat/my-pr
git rebase -i origin/next

It will open a text editor screen with commits listed, with each line starting with pick. Spot any commits that are not from your PR, and replace pick with drop. Finally, save the file and exit the text editor.

Double-check that all is good with git log, and if that’s the case, you can push it again with:

git push --force

Sorry about the inconvenience, but this correction to the Git history of the next branch will make Kong development easier moving forward! Please let us know if there’s any trouble and we’ll be glad to help!