Getting/Setting custom headers data via Lambda serverless plugin code

Hello folks,

I have a use case where I need to do the following transformations inside a serverless Lambda code that I want to execute. This is a snipped from NGINX config:

--data "config.add.headers=X-Forwarded-Host:$x_forwarded_host" \
--data "config.add.headers=X-Forwarded-For:$x_forwarded_for" \
--data "config.add.headers=X-Forwarded-For:$x_forwarded_for" \

how can set X-Forwarded-Host with the value from $x_forwarded_host inside the custom serverless plugin code (Lambda) ?
I suspect that I might use ngx.* abstraction which was mentioned that is also available, but it is not guaranteed to be present in future versions of the plugin. And also I didn’t find any relevant examples with it.

I wrote a serverless Lambda for Kong to achieve this requirement.