Filter by name & sorting in Konnect Cloud

It is very difficult to actually find routes and services in the ui if you have more than 30.

In Gateway Services and in Routes there is an ability to “Filter by name”. The filter requires an exact match which makes it pretty hard to search. I would love to have a partial search, and even better if it were a fuzzy search.

I’ve resulted to trying to just sort my list, but unfortunately you can only sort the results on the current page (defaults to 30 items). So I have to change the filter to 100 items before sorting, and eventually that won’t be enough either. So there will really be no way for me to easily find my routes without scrolling through pages. Then, this problem is made worse because when I want to view a route I cannot open it in a new tab, so I end up losing all of my sorting & items per page settings for every route that I want to view.


Sorry for the late reply - yes, we’re aware of the usability challenges in Runtime Manager to find what you’re looking for (re.g. roues, services, and plugins). We have some improvements queued up in 2023 to generally improve filtering/sorting as well as eventually supporting a comprehensive search capability.