Features disabled when using the new "database=off" capability

Hi all,

I’m wondering whether there is a documentation page or a post that describes what are the features that are disabled in case the new “database=off” capability is used (for example, usage of a specific plugin that requires a db to store its data, out of the pure configuration data of the plugin).
Despite my searches, I did not find any describing this. :disappointed_relieved:

Otherwise, giving this list of supported/unsupported features could be a good reply to this post :yum:

Thanks a lot!

Hi @pamiel! The docs are coming. We hope to have them ready by the time Kong 1.1 final hits later this week — stay tuned!

ok, great; waiting for it, then.
Thanks a lot.

Got it here : https://docs.konghq.com/1.1.x/db-less-and-declarative-config/#plugin-compatibility
Thanks !