Documentation for Declarative Config?

Hi. I’m very interested in using Kong Gateway (OSS version for now) in the DB-less mode with declarative config. I see there is a page describing the overall format of the file, but I cannot find anything showing all available options and entities can be specified in the format.

Can I assume that I can create a top-level entry in kong.yml for any object type in Kong, and that for each one I can specify any option that the admin API accepts for creation?

For example, for certificate creation, there is a POST /certificates endpoint in the admin API that accepts “cert”, “key”, “tags”, “snis”, and “passphrase”. Does that mean there can be a ‘certificates’ top level object in kong.yml, and that it can accept “cert”, “key”, “tags”, “snis”, and “passphrase”?

If you want to see all example. First use Kong with database then create all object you want maybe use Konga to created, the use kong config db_export you will get kong.yml declarative config file.

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