Declarative Config Init with database=cassandra


I have a docker compose for my kong stack and I have the following commands:

command: >

sh -c "kong migrations bootstrap

&& sh /

&& kong start -c /etc/kong/kong.conf

&& kong config -c /etc/kong/sample_declarative.yaml init

–v docker-start"

If the kong.conf property database= cassandra the init doesn´t work but if i change to database=off the init works.

My kong cluster uses cassandra and the idea is to start a base configuration like plugins with this declarative configuration on init.


Declarative configuration is best suited to running Kong in db-less mode. Typically it sounds like what you might want is Kong + Cassandra + DB Import ( kong config db_import ) as documented here:

Make sense. im my case the desire state is on cassandra.