Deck fails with mtls-auths 403 error


I’m new to Kong and trying to learn how to use deck.
I’ve installed the latest Kong version in docker on my laptop and I’m able to send admin requests.
However, when I try to run deck dump I’m getting the following error:

Error: reading configuration from Kong: mtls-auths: HTTP status 403 (message: “Forbidden”)

I couldn’t find any relevant result when searching one the internet.
Adding the –tls-skip-verify didn’t yield any result.

If I need to configure mtls, is it something that is documented anywhere?

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If you use Kong OSS it won’t fail. It seems the Kong OSS returns 404 for GET /mtls-auths (Kong EE Free returns 403 for the same endpoint).

Using an older decK version (1.1.0) also helps, though you could miss some other features using that version. It seems decK 1.1.0 don’t call /mtls-auths endpoint.

I guess this is a bug in either Kong admin or decK but I still don’t know enough to be sure.

I did a bit more of investigation - this issue is fixed (with work-around) in the latest code for the decK on GitHub but it is still not released. The next version should not have this problem.

For details please see: decK sync fails with Kong EE Free version · Issue #357 · Kong/deck · GitHub

1.7 is now out with a fix for this issue: Release v1.7.0 · Kong/deck · GitHub

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