Configuring Kong with nodejs application on kubernetes

My original question was

then I have got suggested to look for kong and by following its documentation. I have successfully up Kong with Postgres on my local Kubernetes (Minikube) from

Now I am stuck in making Kong as a proxy for my selected microservice routes made in express nodes js like when I use login route kong proxy should receive it, generate a JWT token and then that token client use to reverified before reaching to my express node js. What piece of code needed to add in my Node js Express APIs. Please help me showing steps of that as I am unable to implement Kong functionality following official documentation (

Any help in this regard will be appreciated.

Hey @aamirpinger, sorry for the late response on this. As said in the docs, Kong will either proxy the request to your upstream services if the token’s signature is verified, or discard the request if not. So as long as the JWT plugin is configured correctly, just configure the JWT plugin to your existing node route and you don’t have to make changes to your node app.