Changing route name affecting route priority


On our kong (1.4.2) in k8s cluster (1.14) I changed randomly generated route name for our service to something I can understand and this caused routing issues in our dev environment. I changed routing name using konga (

Looking at for priority rules I have not found anything to do with route naming being taken in consideration. I had to restore from snapshot to resolve the issue.

Did I miss something and route names are considered in priority?


If helps in something, in the matching priorities for routes, when there are prefix paths in routes that matches in all other match fields, the last thing to define priority is the “created_at” timestamp:

I’m not sure if the “updated_at” field have the same behavior, and when you updated the route it raised his priority… Maybe you can do some checks if is something related with that.


Thanks for your input.

I arrived at the same conclusion, that maybe “updated_at” was affecting priority but its nowhere to be documented. I hope to have some time to check, for now we don’t touch already existing route names.

What are the two routes in question that are colliding?