Cassandra set up

Can anyone point me to the link in how to set up cassandra in a high availability mode. I am planning to have two node kong cluster, I also need to plan high availability for cassandra db. Kindly provide me link to how to do it

For testing

Set up Cassandra in HA => Cassandry HA setup

Then on Kong deployment can set KONG_CASSANDRA_CONTACT_POINTS=IP1,IP2,IP3,...

thanks. can i follow these instructions for production as well? We need to install cassandra ha on red hat linux, we are not allowed to use docker on red hat linux

Yes, you can use instructions for production. But I recommend run docker with --net=host or in docker-compose use network_mode: host

thanks a lot narate. In our environment, we cannot install docker at all, it has to be linux only. Can you please provide steps for red hat linux please?

You can set seeds in /etc/cassandra/cassandra.yml follow this link

Thanks a lot really appreciated it. By the way these instructions are for ubuntu, I am assuming same instructions can be followed for red hat linux server, right?