Can I use kong.cache without inserting data into the DB?

I am developing a kong custom plugin.
Special table data must be referenced on every request in access: handler.
This data is updated frequently and is large.
So I tried to use kong.ctx but could not use it because lifetime is only valid in one request.
So I tried to use kong.cache, but it seems to be required to use the DB. Inserting a large amount of data into the DB seems to be impossible due to performance issues.

kubernetes/postgresql (DB mode)/KONG Ingress/KONG Custom Plugin

Can I insert/delete/update table type data in kong.cache without putting data in DB?

I’ve had the same problem long time ago. It might help regarding using in-memory cache

Thanks for your help.
That’s exactly what I was looking for.
I tested and it works fine with the same values in cache on every request as expected.

Thank you.!!!

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