Bintray repository: stable tag/branch?

when I add the bintray repository as a source (in this case in ubuntu), I haven’t found a way to select only stable distributions, like 1.3.0 compared to 1.4.0rc1 or 1.4.0.rc2. Would it be possible to include a “stable” distribution tag (?) (as well as the main tag) to stable releases or is there any other trick to exclude rc releases? So, e.g. for ubuntu 18.04 you would get a e.g. bionic stable and and bionic unstable distribution?

Some other bintray projects uses this so you add the “stable main” source and by that not load release candidates.

Disclosure: I’m not using bintray much so maybe I’m missing an easy solution. Any hints welcome.

If I do load the stable deb package version 1.3.0 and than add the bintray repository as source, I run into the same problem as apt wants to upgrade to the release candidate.

I’ll look into how to apply a stable tag on bintray (any documentation or example you can send me a link to would be appreciated)

I’d advise a general good habit is pinning your dependencies in production / production-like environments ie staging environments ( ).