AWS Lanbda Request getting closed abruptly

Hi Al,
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In Kong 1.3 we have exposed route to call Aws lambda from kong.
Intermittent we observed while making tge http post request is to connect aws lamda getting closed error.

It looks like lua http resty message that connection closed but here we are not able to understand why few of connections are being closed.

Please help me around this to resolve the issue.

Is there anything between Kong and lambda like a load-balancer or another gateway?

That might be closing the connection. You also want to check if the Lambdas are scaled up properly.


hi @hbagdi Thanks for your response.

Actually we are calling AWS lambda using kong lambda plugin and there is no loadbalancer between lambda and kong , we are directly invoking lambda using kong plugin .
As per kong aws lambda code

  1. Handshake is being done but when trying to connect (client:connect) getiing err message “closed”

and for failed request we not able to see any log, matrix at lambda side.

below is code in plugin which giving error -
local res, err = client:request {
method = “POST”,
path = request.url,
body = request.body,
headers = request.headers

error message is
handler.lua:188 [aws-lambda] closed, client: