Attach a persistent volume claim to kong helm release


we deployed kong ingress controller using helm release. now we want to attach a persistent volume claim to kong using helm release. Please let us know how can we do that. Main purpose in attaching PVC to Kong is to access few files stored in PVC and create kong plugins using those files. what we want to avoid is we shouldn’t write any logs or configurations to PVC.


We don’t design around having Kong run as a StatefulSet (what you’d need to attach PVCs). If your plugin needs stateful stuff, we suggest running as separate helper application alongside, e.g. you’d run a StatefulSet that manages your files, and the plugin then communicates with that application over a local network socket/Service.

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There are a few entries available on the “values” file for the helm chart regarding mounting custom volumes:

  ## Define any volumes and mounts you want present in the Kong proxy container
  # userDefinedVolumes:
  # - name: "volumeName"
  #   emptyDir: {}
  # userDefinedVolumeMounts:
  # - name: "volumeName"
  #   mountPath: "/opt/user/dir/mount"