Async behaviour of POST /config

During automated testing on a db-less Kong instance, we update the Kong configuration using POST / config. The configuration contains a single service with a single route and a global plugin.
Immediately after the config post request, the test invokes an http call to the registered service path.

Although the POST /config request returns 201, it seems that sometimes the global plugin is not applied on the subsequent http call. If there is a small sleep period (1 sec) between the post config request and the http request, everything just works as expected.

Is POST /config async? If so, is there a way to update the configuration synchronously?

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This seems like a bug in Kong. Please upgrade to 2.0.4 and test this again.
If you still see this, please open a Github Issue. Thanks!

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although this isn’t my post, I’ve just come up against the same issue on v2.0.4. I’ve never raised a github issue before. Please could you send me guidance?

Please open a Github issue with reproducible steps.