Announcing Gojira: a tool for testing/developing multiple versions of Kong using containers

Hi folks!

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We’re happy to share with you Gojira, a development tool that we’ve been using internally for quite while at Kong. Gojira is a CLI that uses docker-compose internally to make the necessary setup of containers to get all dependencies needed to run a particular branch of Kong locally, as well as easily switching across versions and configurations.

This makes it quite handy for managing Kong and its dependencies when hacking on the Kong sources locally. Gojira began its life inside the Kong Enterprise team, but it works just as well with Kong OSS, and it has proven to be super popular across the board through our whole Engineering department, so we figured that sharing it with the Kong open source developer community at large would be a natural next step. :slight_smile:

More info and docs are in its GitHub repo:



Love the logo :laughing: . Is ldb at the foot the artists signature hah?

Edit - Some googles later revealed yes indeed it is. Neat.

Edit Edit - See it offers a C* param too, but not sure if stands up C*, readme indicates you get a postgres 4 free though which is nice.

Also this made me chuckle a bit, some dev was having a bit of fun here writing this one day:

Looks like the buck stops with Gojira here. #noEggs

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what’s life without a little bit of fun! :wink:

I’m glad they kept it in! After all, kong also roars :slight_smile:

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Thanks for providing the tool to the community.