🦍 7/9 [User Call] Enhancing Resilience: Introducing Fallback Configurations in Kong Ingress Controller 3.2

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As Kong Ingress Controller is used widely in the field, ensuring its reliable and resilient error handling is crucial to us. Kong Ingress Controller 3.2 introduces a Fallback Configuration feature, designed to make sure a single mistake made in your manifests doesn’t halt the whole configuration update pipeline. In this User Call, we’ll cover:

  • The Need for the Feature: Understand the critical scenarios that highlighted the necessity for improved error-handling mechanisms.
  • Evolution of Error Handling: Trace our journey from KIC 2.7 to the enhanced capabilities in KIC 3.2, showcasing the iterative improvements along the way.
  • Design Decisions and Trade-offs: Gain insights into the thought process, design considerations, and compromises we made while developing this feature.
  • Final Design and Functionality: Learn how the Fallback Configuration works in its final form and the benefits it brings to your Kubernetes environments.
  • Live Demo: Watch a live demonstration of a real-world scenario utilizing the Fallback Configuration feature, illustrating its practical application and impact.

Join us to discover how Kong Ingress Controller 3.2’s Fallback Configuration can help you isolate potential issues in your Kubernetes manifests, ensuring seamless configuration updates without being hindered by a single mistake.