Feature Suggestions

Improve / better document case insensitive matching on routes / services (1)
Support sticky sessions for websockets (11)
Amazon Cognito Authentication plugin (1)
Kong public status endpoint (3)
Ensuring routes are unique (2)
Configuration hot reloading (2)
Client's IP address in AWS Lambda (12)
The health checker question (1)
Role Based Access Control in kong (2)
Remove Specific Storage Dependencies (3)
Does kong support server backup feature like nginx? (2)
Support 2 Postgres Endpoint: Writer and Reader (2)
Last Accessed field for API (2)
JWKS support in the JWT plugin (2)
[plugin] Kong JWT to Backend API Providers (7)
Usage limit based on compute time (5)
Templating nginx-kong.conf (4)
API documentation and monitoring (5)
[keyauth] Add auto expiration to keys #87 (1)
*-log - 4xx response from Kong are not logged #892 (1)
[plugin] request collapsing (service aggregation) #155 (1)
Applying a Plugin with a variety of global and specific properties #505 (1)
Support for DynamoDB #183 (1)