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Import Swagger (Open API) document to create API in Kong (7)
Master secret key to validate JWT Token (1)
Documentation: Admin API Swagger Docs (6)
Trigger Circuit Breakers based on multiple factors (1)
SNI Wildcard-ing (6)
Lambda Plugin - Set extra options for response (2)
Plugin Idea: URL Shortener (1)
Custom headers for HTTP Log Plugin (1)
When no origins match ensure Access-Control-Allow-Origin isn't present (1)
Native websocket Support for Kong Plugins (2)
OAuth2 Plugin: Support regex `redirect_uri` for the Authentication Request (1)
Key-auth plugin: Possibility to name keys (1)
Possible to get more detailed logs to STDOUT? (6)
Latency-Based Loadbalancing in Upstreams (3)
Add Migrations status (2)
Custom header on JWT Plugin (2)
Ability to add a database table prefix (3)
Add query parameters for /services API (2)
Add query parameters for /routes api to search for specific path or serviceName (2)
PDK: ability to supply multiply targets via plugin api (1)
Admin API Route to Delete all Credentials for Consumer (4)
Support for attaching API plugins to groups (3)
Can we get a development container(s) for building plugins and running tests? (1)
JWT Plugin new feature - How to get my pull request accepted? (3)
Improve / better document case insensitive matching on routes / services (1)
Support sticky sessions for websockets (11)
Amazon Cognito Authentication plugin (1)
Kong public status endpoint (3)
Ensuring routes are unique (2)